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Increasing Video Views

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Watches2U For Christmas

So what’s the solution?

We are about to reveal the simplest yet most powerful video marketer’s tool on the planet to avoid content distrust, and convert casual social media wanderers into engaged viewers, in order to drive traffic, generate leads, build subscriber’s list, and make more sales.

But before we do that, it is worth to notice that recent studies have found that one of the main reasons why people don’t click to watch video is lack of upfront knowledge about the content of the video they are about to watch.

The same study has found out that creating visually engaging video grams that provide more context, instantly increase number views, viewer’s engagements, and viewer’s action rate.


Video Gram technology also converts wanderers on social networks without video support, like Pinterest, and Tumblr to video viewers and action takers.

Video grams can drive viewers traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and most of other web sites.


share-stats looked at the top 10% of posts made by more than 30,000 Facebook brand pages and found that posts with photos saw the most engagement—accounting for a whopping 87% of total interactions.

Using Video To Lead Your Prospect

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[svpVideo v=1]
[svpVideoHide1 v=1]

When The Video Is Finished You Can Show New Content Here.

This could be an offer, a link, another video, a buy button. Or anythig else that you can place on a web page.[/svpVideoHide1]

New Google Scam to Steal Your Info

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And It’s Hard To Catch

Warning: If you receive an email with the subject “Documents,” and it directs you to a webpage that looks like a Google Drive sign-in page, do not enter your information.

It’s likely a new phishing scam, in which a thief creates a fake portal that asks for people’s private information and then steals it. (Netflix recently faced a similar issue.)

This one uses a fake Google Drive landing page to get your Gmail address and password, cyber security company Symantec’s official blog reported last Thursday. You’re meant to think that the documents you’ll be viewing are on Google Docs and that you need to sign in to see them. Remember, though, it’s all a scam.

“We’ve removed the fake pages and our abuse team is working to prevent this kind of spoofing from happening again,” a representative from Google tells The Huffington Post. “If you think you may have accidentally given out your account information, please reset your password.”

Think you’re smart enough to tell the difference between a fake Google Drive sign-in page and the real one? OK, which one of these two photos is of the real one?

Choice #1:

google phishing scam
Choice #2:

google phishing scam

The real Google page is the second, but be honest and admit you couldn’t tell. You shouldn’t be looking for something in particular on the login page, since those look different for different people and on various browsers. You should just be wary of emails from unknown email addresses and pages that ask for your password.
Online scams are becoming more and more sophisticated and I can only see the problem getting worse. The big reason for this is the risk reward factor. With the right technology and the skills to use it, the scam artists can achieve anything. The internet is a fantastic resource for information but the down side is that many people are also put at risk, especially vulnerable young people and the elderly who might find it more difficult to spot the scam.

Even on mobile technology the scammers are upping their game. My daughter is receiving regular text messages on her phone and it’s new. No one has been given the number outside friends and family. My conclusion is that mobile numbers are reused or that scammers are using software to auto dial / sms random numbers to confirm them, then adding to a database for regular scam attempts.
Be warned and on your guard. If you have children who have or have access to a phone, make sure they are aware of the risks.

You can read more on the Google Scam  from the source article at The Huffington Post

Google Says Your Site Is Too Slow

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Here’s Why and How To Fix It!

Did you know we’ve created more information in the last few years than in the whole of the previous thousand years combined?


So much that Googles servers melted recently. Well not really melted but apparently Google went down for a little while.
It’s estimated that Google going down for just 10 minutes can wipe millions from the economy as no-one can find anything. Shopping stops, WHOOOOOO.


What did we do before Google?

More scary, what would we do without Goole, say  if someone took Google down for a few weeks?

Anyway enough scary stuff what I want to talk to you about today is . . .


Speed, Speed, Speed!

One of the latest buzz topics in the internet developer world is speed.


It seems Google now wants faster sites and will reward you for your efforts in crushing your webpages as small as you possibly can. It makes sense really especially when you take into account the growth of mobile web. This exponential growth of web pages means all search engines need more and more power in order to index it all. So Google and co would like you to please compress your images to a reasonable, no to a beyond reasonable size.


Err, Problem

Okay here’s the problem. With compression comes blocky horrible looking images if it’s taken to far. But how do you know how much is too much? For years now designers have been using photoshop, which lets you preview the quality of an image at a given compression so you can see if it still looks good and adjust accordingly. However, it’s still subjective right? What I think looks good, you might think looks rubbish.


Enter the science of Precise Squishing!

Now you don’t have to guess any longer. Just head over to, pop in your web address, press a button and wait.
Gt Metrix will take all sorts of measurements and give you a score. Two scores in fact. And it will event tell you exactly how much to squish, I mean compress, your images. If that’s not enough it can do them for you and give you copies for you to replace your current site images with. Want to see it in action?


>>> In my next post you can watch a video of how this is done <<<

Then you too can reduce the he size of your web pages, speed up your whole site and get some Google love in return!

The Marketing Rule of 7

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mans marketing evolutionYou may well have heard of the rule of seven in marketing terms. It’s been an accepted fact since, well, almost aslong asthose guys on the left!

Essentially viewers of whatever you are selling need to see it seven times before they’re convinced, feel any trust, make a decision.

Get it noticed 7 times and you have a high chance of them taking action.

The big mistake that many people make is that they promote their posts to lots of different social sites all on the same day.

As soon as their post has gone live they Tweet it, put it on Facebook, and anywhere else they can all at once.

Now, it’s good to do all those things…but, NO you shouldn’t do it all at once. You want people to repeatedly see it one day after the other. So using a drip technique is the ideal way to go.

Here’s the big problem.Time!

Most people, me included, are too busy to create content let alone put it on dozens of different sites over a long period of time..

But remember, if you want to compete online, beat your competition, it’s no longer optional, you must get your content out to as many sites as possible.

> > >In this post I’ll cover how you can speed the process up, or even automate it altogether  < < <

Callum Best App

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The app has been put together as a suggestion of what is possible. It’s not meant to represent a finished product and there are a few icons that have not been updated (galley should be puzzle, Blog should be youtube)

The idea behind the App

As well as functioning as a general fan app we have developed a strategy for increased media coverage (potentially even a news story) for Callum.

The app allows a fan to:

  • Search for up coming public events (or just clubs)  that Callum will be attending.
  • Register for the event
  • Play a game to win a date with Callum

The idea behind this is that revenue could be generated from:

Charging clubs more for personal appearances as the app will generate a buzz (Club can advertise the win date feature)
News story potential (to our knowledge an app hasn’t been used in this way before)

General App

This video shows the following pages:

About Callum
How to use the app



Social (Youtube Facebook and Twitter)

This video shows the following pages:




This video shows the following pages:

The store featuring the current fragrances. This is pulled from a mobile page which is external to the app. Being external allows any time product updates which mean the user doesn’t need to update the app to see new products.


Event Finder

This video shows the following pages:

How to find the events that Callum will be attending. These will be broadcast using push notifications (text messages that go to app every users home screen).


Win Date

This video shows the following pages:

The page that explains the competition and the fruit machine used to play the game.


Puzzle Game

This page shows a puzzle game using a photo of Callum.



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