Google Says Your Site Is Too Slow

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Here’s Why and How To Fix It!

Did you know we’ve created more information in the last few years than in the whole of the previous thousand years combined?


So much that Googles servers melted recently. Well not really melted but apparently Google went down for a little while.
It’s estimated that Google going down for just 10 minutes can wipe millions from the economy as no-one can find anything. Shopping stops, WHOOOOOO.


What did we do before Google?

More scary, what would we do without Goole, say  if someone took Google down for a few weeks?

Anyway enough scary stuff what I want to talk to you about today is . . .


Speed, Speed, Speed!

One of the latest buzz topics in the internet developer world is speed.


It seems Google now wants faster sites and will reward you for your efforts in crushing your webpages as small as you possibly can. It makes sense really especially when you take into account the growth of mobile web. This exponential growth of web pages means all search engines need more and more power in order to index it all. So Google and co would like you to please compress your images to a reasonable, no to a beyond reasonable size.


Err, Problem

Okay here’s the problem. With compression comes blocky horrible looking images if it’s taken to far. But how do you know how much is too much? For years now designers have been using photoshop, which lets you preview the quality of an image at a given compression so you can see if it still looks good and adjust accordingly. However, it’s still subjective right? What I think looks good, you might think looks rubbish.


Enter the science of Precise Squishing!

Now you don’t have to guess any longer. Just head over to, pop in your web address, press a button and wait.
Gt Metrix will take all sorts of measurements and give you a score. Two scores in fact. And it will event tell you exactly how much to squish, I mean compress, your images. If that’s not enough it can do them for you and give you copies for you to replace your current site images with. Want to see it in action?


>>> In my next post you can watch a video of how this is done <<<

Then you too can reduce the he size of your web pages, speed up your whole site and get some Google love in return!

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