The Marketing Rule of 7

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mans marketing evolutionYou may well have heard of the rule of seven in marketing terms. It’s been an accepted fact since, well, almost aslong asthose guys on the left!

Essentially viewers of whatever you are selling need to see it seven times before they’re convinced, feel any trust, make a decision.

Get it noticed 7 times and you have a high chance of them taking action.

The big mistake that many people make is that they promote their posts to lots of different social sites all on the same day.

As soon as their post has gone live they Tweet it, put it on Facebook, and anywhere else they can all at once.

Now, it’s good to do all those things…but, NO you shouldn’t do it all at once. You want people to repeatedly see it one day after the other. So using a drip technique is the ideal way to go.

Here’s the big problem.Time!

Most people, me included, are too busy to create content let alone put it on dozens of different sites over a long period of time..

But remember, if you want to compete online, beat your competition, it’s no longer optional, you must get your content out to as many sites as possible.

> > >In this post I’ll cover how you can speed the process up, or even automate it altogether¬† < < <

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