Online Video Production

Why it’s essential to your business

Video is playing an ever increasing role in online marketing today. Video influences visitors like no other media can and on top of that Google loves video.

There’s no denying that Goole is the 100lb gorilla in the room when it comes to search engines. love or hate them you can’t afford to ignore Google. As of 2009 Google own Youtube a move that signifies their desire for video content.


How & Why Should You Use Video?

As well as the obvious reasons you only need to look at the trend data being reported by such respected companies as Cisco Systems, Neilson and others to find compelling reasons to use video. Cisco report that by 2014 over 90% of online traffic will be video based. Also with the progress in mobile technology video is now being embraced by people on the move. All our video is optimised for mobile delivery as well as desktop (including iPhone and iPad compatibility). It’s a must!


Huge Increases in Sales

Video does many things. have reported sales increase by as much as 50% when they add video to a product page. Video also retains visitors for longer and dramatically lowers your bounce rate. In case you didn’t know Google now factors bounce rate into it’s ranking equation so you really need to get it as low as possible.


Massive Reach

Video content can also be spread far and wide with video social sites including Tumblr, Twitter and  facebook  as well as dozens more. And if you haven’t considered a facebook page yet then this is another strategy that going forward will be crucial to your online survival.If you don’t believe me then ask yourself why a brand as big as Pepsi pulled their Superbowl advertising budget in favour of social media advertising and why Panasonic’s vehicles don’t have on them but facebook instead.

1. Engages visitors more and increases sales

2. Reduces bounce rate (critical for ranking)

3. Demonstrates in a way pictures can’t

4. Allows potential clients to get to know you and your company

5. Get’s lots of love from Google (and will continue to do so)


So What’s the Deal

Our clients experience video produced by staff with over 20 years experience. Add to that we have state of the art video delivery system that enables you to deploy video on any page of your site with nothing more than cut  paste knowledge, and to measure precisely how effective your video is (even giving ROI figures) so you can react to statistical evidence quickly.

If you would like a demo of our system to experience the power for your self first hand and a free consultation to explore how it could improve your company performance online please get in touch.


In Summary

Video is crucial but there are many ways to deploy video and we see it being done wrong so many times on the net. The drop in the price of video technology has meant many companies and individuals producing “DIY” video. While the quality of many are pretty impressive there’s so much more to video than pointing the camera in the right direction and transferring the finished edit to the web.

Theres the right format, the right compression, mobile delivery, tracking views, split testing campaigns, call to action and so much more.